Near-y revolutionizes boat and yacht sales with augmented reality

Boat Augmented reality


We are thrilled to announce the launch of the latest innovation designed specifically for the boat retail industry. This new product promises to transform the way retailers showcase, customize, and sell marine vessels by leveraging the power of augmented reality to create immersive and interactive customer experiences.

New AR solution is set to redefine the standard for boat retailing

Our new AR solution is set to redefine the standard for boat retailing by enabling potential buyers to visualize boats in unprecedented detail, customize features in real-time, and experience their dream vessel in a virtual environment before making a purchase. This technology not only enhances the buying experience but also assists retailers in showcasing a wider range of options without the need for physical inventory.

Marco Di Mari, CEO near-y explains

“Our latest augmented reality solution for the boat and yacht industry represents a leap forward in how customers experience and personalize their purchases. It’s about bringing dreams to life before they even set sail. This technology is not just an innovation; it’s a new horizon for the entire industry.”

near-y key features

  • Real Sales Showroom: Customers can explore a vast array of boat models in a fully immersive space. This feature allows for the display of boats that may not be physically present in the showroom, providing a broader selection for customers to explore.
  • Customization in Real-Time: Buyers can customize their chosen boat model, selecting colors, materials, and additional features with the touch of a button
  • Detailed Specifications and Comparisons: The AR platform provides detailed specifications for each boat model, including performance data, dimensions, and pricing. Customers can easily compare different models side by side
  • Interactive Experiences: Through the use of AR, customers can simulate real-life boating experiences, such as sailing in various weather conditions, to better understand the performance and feel of the boat.


Customer Experience

Empowering Retailers and Delighting Customers

With Near-Y’s new AR product, boat retailers can now offer a more dynamic and engaging shopping experience, empowering customers to make informed decisions and personalize their purchases like never before. This innovative solution is designed to drive sales, reduce the need for large physical inventories, and set a new standard in customer satisfaction.

The new augmented reality solution for the boat retail industry is available now. For more information on how to transform your boat retail business with AR technology, visit our contact page and our sales team.